Luminoodle Color Bias Lighting

Without Luminoodle TV Backlight

You either turn on a lamp and fight the glare on your screen throughout your entire viewing experience or suffer from the annoying headaches, eye strain and dryness that result from looking at a bright screen in a dark room.
Experience the Difference

The Luminoodle TV not only provides simple yet beautiful ambient lighting but also enhances your viewing experience so much that you’ll wonder what you did without it. Choose any of 14 colors that best suit your viewing pleasure and diminish the eye strain you and your family experience on a nightly basis with a solution that will make your entire living room beautiful.
14 Colors, 10 Brightness Settings, 3 White Modes and 3 Fade/Strobe Modes

Choose from 14 colors at any one of the 10 brightness settings to meet your needs. Create changing ambient lighting whether you’re watching TV or not with the one color strobe mode, multi-color strobe mode or the multi-color fade mode. Prefer white? Choose from 3 different shades, including warm white, pure white, and daylight.

Wireless Remote and In-line Controller
Use the simple and intuitive 3-button controller and wireless remote to choose one of many lighting scenarios, or to easily turn the backlight on or off if your TV’s USB port doesn’t power off with your TV.

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