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‘Stranger Things 3’ Spoilers Review: We Need to Talk About Hopper (and That Ending) - Indie Wire

After flying through the electrifying eight-hour season, let's take a moment to look at what worked and what didn't in "Stranger Things 3...Read More

In Season 3, Stranger Things Rediscovers Its Groove" - Wired

 For all the talk about New Coke being a "plot point" in the third season of Stranger Things, rest easy: The infamous 1985 reformulation doesn't prove toxic to creatures from the Upside Down, or anything else remotely pivotal to the story. It does, however, provide the new installment's most self-aware moment. Late in the season, during a rare moment of no one's life being in immediate peril, Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin) cracks a can of the stuff, much to the gang's disgust. "How do you even drink that?" Mike (Finn Wolfhard) asks...Read More