GW MAGIC Screen Cleaner Deluxe Kit with Microfiber Cloths
GW MAGIC Screen Cleaner Deluxe Kit with Microfiber Cloths

GW MAGIC Screen Cleaner Deluxe Kit with Microfiber Cloths

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When it comes time to clean your screen, make sure that you have right product.

Dust and fingerprints can seriously affect your TV's picture quality. Today's sensitive screens are far more likely to be damaged by the rough texture of a paper towel or the fibers of a rag. The standard window cleaner (such as Windex), contains ammonia as its base, which has been shown to strip the antireflective coating off of your screen. Even cleaning products sold in the electronic stores are not the best screen cleaners and may cause screen quality issues.

GW Magic Screen Deluxe Cleaner Kit  is ammonia free and safe to use on all screens. It includes (2) microfiber cloths made specifically to clean sensitive device screens and remove germs. You can also use it on your hdtv, laptop or mobile device (Amazon Kindle Fire, iPad, iPhone, Smartphones, eReaders, Galaxy Tablets, etc).

Why it works so good?

The special microfiber cloth in kit has hundreds of fibers that act like little shovels scooping up dust particles from TV screen. Some other screen cleaning products come with cheaply made thin cloths with fewer fibers which is why they don’t work as well.

Also each tiny little fiber has an incredible amount of surface area. This means there is more space for dirt and dust to bond to the cloth. We make spray cleaner using a proprietary process that results in a natural chemical free cleaning formula safe to use on today’s sensitive screens. The spray cleaner helps break up oily smudges so you don’t have to press hard when using cloth.

Simply use GW Magic Screen Cleaner on a regular basis and your TV screen will look better and last longer!

The ammonia free formula of GW Magic Screen Cleaner allows you to safely clean and quickly remove germs, bacteria, dust, dirt and sticky smudges on screen.

Includes (2) washable microfiber cloths specially designed for your sensitive screen.

Safe to use on all electronic device screens including hdtv screens, iphone, ipad, laptop computer monitors, lcd screens, etc

You get over 300 sprays from one bottle!

In the Package: (1) Magic Screen Cleaner Spray (2 oz), (1) Microfiber Cloth (6" x 6"), (1) Bonus Washable Microfiber All-Purpose Cloth (12" x 12") , and (1) GW Hand Sanitizer Spray (2 oz)